Explore the beauties of Shar Mountain

So many peaks to choose from. So many places to see. From the beauties of Lesnica, to Titov Peak, and all the way to Ljuboten on the north. Shar Mountains have a lot to offer.

Titov Peak - Summer trail

Titov Vrv, also known as Big Turk or Shar — the highest peak of Shar Mountain and the second highest peak in Macedonia (after Golem Korab peak). Its height is 2,747 m. The peak is located on the Rudoka massif. Under the peak, the Bogovinjska Reka springs on the southern side, and the Pena River on the northern side.

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Leshnica and Pena river springs

Leshnica — valley of Shar Mountain. It is located in the central part of the Shar Mountain in the area of the highest Shar peaks, between the Sreden Kamen and Plat peaks. It is surrounded by the highest Titov Peak in the southwest, while in the southeast by the second highest peak Bacardan, in the west by Sreden Kamen and in the east by Plat , while to the north it is open and merges with the valley of the river Pena, in its upper catchment and source area. It is divided into Dolna Leshnica at an altitude of 1450 meters and Gorna Leshnica at an altitude of 2221 meters.

Vrganj trail

A super easy trail for beginners. The friendliest route on the mountain that you can hike even if you are a beginner. The route begins from the parking lot on Popova Shapka, and has a quick steep climb before continuing on an almost flat terrain. The first part is on an open section where you get to see Polog Valley and the peaks. After that the route continues towards the local viewpoint towards Black Peak. The route is a great visit in any time of the year, especially in Autumn when the mountain is most colorful.